Millwall, Everyone Likes Us, Cos We Care

By 27 June 2013 08:53

Millwall Football Club have had their fair share of bad publicity over the years and I have to say as someone who has a soft spot for the Lions, I thought it only right, to bring some balance to the debate around Millwall’s image and share this wonderful story with followers.

Millwall have agreed a one-year sponsorship deal with Prostate Cancer UK and will be waiving all their commercial fees effectively giving the cancer charity free sponsorship.

After a bit of research, it was clear to see that this latest development is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the excellent causes that the club get involved in. A recent Guardian article, highlighted the fact that the club and its fans showed solidarity to the Miners, Dockers and Print Workers in the 80's when these workers were on strike. In more recent times, Millwall Football Club were the first professional team (and not many have followed) to open a food bank. In another recent campaign the club played a pivotal role in the local community to help save Lewisham Hospital from closure. Their football players wore t-shirts during pre-match warm-ups to raise awareness around the campaign.

In the last month or so Millwall turned down a lucrative sponsorship deal with payday loan company QuickQuid. Payday lenders have been turning to football to try to gain some credibility and rid the bad smell that seems to follow their industry. The likes of Millwall, Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday have succeeded where Newcastle United has failed. When you consider the desperate plight of most league one clubs against the millions that Premier League clubs receive it really is an admirable position adopted by Millwall and the like.

So the news that they have given Prostate Cancer UK the right to have its name on the Millwall shirt for free will surely resonate with football fans everywhere; From a PR point of view the actions of the club are a complete master-stroke.

I for one will be hoping that some footballing karma kicks in next season and Millwall enjoy success on the field – who knows, if karma has its way they will be in the Premiership the season after next. . It is also a timely reminder that football is not all about money. Glaziers, Abramovich, Sheikh Mansoor all take note.

Source: DSG

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