Gibson offers Mac support

09 February 2007 09:45
Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson has hit out at several of the Premiership's bigger clubs for failing to help out England head coach Steve McClaren fully. Gibson is adamant that the influx of foreign managers and players has hindered the national team, even before former Boro boss McClaren took the helm after last summer's World Cup finals. He said: "What we're asking Steve to do is perform miracles. "He might be able to perform one or two, but he's not able to perform them forever. Steve can only work with the tools that the country gives him and at the moment those tools aren't good enough. "There's many, many other reasons why the English football team isn't working. It hasn't worked successfully since 1966. "The Liverpools and the Arsenals, what do they contribute at national level? "If we're going to improve our game at the national level, we need to involve the clubs - the clubs have got to have a willingness. "We've got to start looking at not just the head coach, but at the whole structure. "We do have an enormously successful Premiership. It is exciting, it's great to watch, it's great to be involved in. "But I see this march we've had over the past five or ten years of clubs appointing foreign coaches, foreign assistants. What chances are English footballers getting at our major clubs?"

Source: ESA