Boro: Gareth can be a great

02 July 2007 02:33
Chief executive Keith Lamb believes Gareth Southgate has what it takes to transform Middlesbrough into a leading Premier League force. Lamb has revealed his admiration for the way the rookie manager handled himself after being handed the reins on the eve of the last campaign following Steve McClaren's departure. And the former Boro defender has the ability to be one of the best managers in England, according to the club's chief executive. "Gareth inherited a very difficult position when he took over at the football club and there was a lot of pressure on him - perhaps unwarranted pressure," he told the club's official website. "Mark my words, Gareth had a fantastic season last year. I can't even imagine what his difficulties were in moving from player and captain to being manager. "I can honestly say without the fear of contradiction that he handled the whole situation around him in an unbelievably mature and impressive way. "I remain very confident that Gareth Southgate will be a very, very good manager."

Source: ESA