Ten Teams To Watch For At Brazil 2014: 2 - Mexico

19 October 2012 04:09

Mexico are a coming force in the international game.

This summer’s gold medal at the London Olympic Games was the most obvious sign yet that the Mexicans will be a real threat at the World Cup in Brazil.

They should have little trouble coming through the qualifiers from North America, probably along with the United States.

Also the winners of the World Under 17 cup on home soil in 2011, and the Pan American Games in the same year, in 2012 a total of eight international tournaments at various age levels have been won by Mexico, including the prestigious Toulon trophy.

Players such as Javier Aquino, Marco Fabian and Hector Herrera will surely move to Europe sooner rather than later, and along with established names such as Manchester United's Javier Hernandez and Valencia's Andrés Guardado will become a formidable team.

Source: DSG