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  • Date:28 Nov 2010
  • Kick-off:16:00
  • Venue:El Sardinero

Live Commentary


Ariel Nahuelpan is caught offside. Daniel Aranzubia takes the free kick.


Edu Bedia takes a shot. Save made by Daniel Aranzubia.


Ariel Nahuelpan takes a shot. Save by Daniel Aranzubia.


Markus Rosenberg goes off and Ariel Nahuelpan comes on.


Markus Rosenberg is booked.


Foul by Aythami Oliva on Kennedy Bakircioglu, Penalty awarded. Del Marmol Ruben Perez booked for dissent. Penalty taken by Markus Rosenberg and missed.


Jonathan Urreta replaces Antonio Juan Rodriguez.


Outswinging corner taken right-footed by Juan Carlos Valeron.


Markus Rosenberg takes a shot. Save by Daniel Aranzubia.


Markus Rosenberg is ruled offside. Edu Bedia joins the action as a substitute, replacing Ivan Bolado. Direct free kick taken by Daniel Aranzubia.


The referee blows for offside against Markus Rosenberg. Nunez Pablo Alvarez goes off and Nouioui Lassad comes on. Free kick taken by Alberto Lopo.


Pedro Munitis gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Diego Seoane. Free kick crossed by del Marmol Ruben Perez, save by Antonio Tono.


Shot from deep inside the area by Antonio Juan Rodriguez goes over the bar.


Markus Rosenberg finds the net with a goal from inside the penalty area to the top right corner of the goal. Racing Santander 1-0 Deportivo La Coruna.Kennedy Bakircioglu provided the assist for the goal.


Juan Carlos Valeron is brought on as a substitute for Yves Hadley Desmarets.


Kennedy Bakircioglu produces a right-footed shot from just outside the box that goes wide left of the goal.


Inswinging corner taken right-footed by Kennedy Bakircioglu, clearance made by Alberto Lopo.


Effort from long range by Yves Hadley Desmarets goes wide right of the target.


Markus Rosenberg takes a shot. Save by Daniel Aranzubia.

45:31 +0.31

Corner from the left by-line taken by Kennedy Bakircioglu, Markus Rosenberg gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Diego Colotto. Daniel Aranzubia takes the direct free kick.


Nunez Pablo Alvarez fouled by Fernandez Christian, the ref awards a free kick. Del Marmol Ruben Perez delivers the ball from the free kick right-footed from right wing, clearance made by Buss Henrique.


Effort on goal by Kennedy Bakircioglu from just inside the box goes harmlessly over the target.


Inswinging corner taken by Kennedy Bakircioglu from the right by-line, Garcia Manuel Pablo makes a clearance.


Diego Seoane challenges Markus Rosenberg unfairly and gives away a free kick. Free kick taken by Gonzalo Colsa.


Corner taken by Kennedy Bakircioglu from the left by-line, Diego Colotto makes a clearance.


Gonzalo Colsa gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on del Marmol Ruben Perez. Free kick taken by del Marmol Ruben Perez.


Markus Rosenberg produces a drilled left-footed shot from deep inside the penalty area which goes wide of the left-hand post.


Corner taken short by Kennedy Bakircioglu.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Garcia Manuel Pablo by Markus Rosenberg. Aythami Oliva restarts play with the free kick.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Alberto Lopo on Ivan Bolado. Free kick taken by Perez Francis.


Pedro Munitis has shot on goal from just outside the area which goes wide of the right-hand upright.


Markus Rosenberg is caught offside. Daniel Aranzubia restarts play with the free kick.


Effort from inside the box by Lopez Adrian bounces off the post.


Aythami Oliva gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Fernandez Christian. The free kick is swung in right-footed by Kennedy Bakircioglu.


Outswinging corner taken by Kennedy Bakircioglu, Nunez Pablo Alvarez makes a clearance.


Unfair challenge on Fernandez Christian by Yves Hadley Desmarets results in a free kick. The free kick is swung in right-footed by Kennedy Bakircioglu, Yves Hadley Desmarets makes a clearance.


Inswinging corner taken by Pedro Munitis, clearance by Alberto Lopo.


Kennedy Bakircioglu takes a shot. Save made by Daniel Aranzubia.


Del Marmol Ruben Perez takes a outswinging corner to the near post, clearance by Fernandez Christian.

The match has kicked off.

It is the end of the first-half.

The referee gets the second half started.

The match has reached full-time.

Match Preview

Formation:4231Manager: Miguel Angel Portugal

Racing Santander

Formation: 541Manager: Miguel Angel Lotina

Deportivo La Coruna

  • Antonio Tono
  • Fernandez Christian
  • Marc Torrejon
  • Buss Henrique
  • Perez Francis
  • Mehdi Lacen
  • Gonzalo Colsa
  • Pedro Munitis
  • Ivan Bolado
  • Kennedy Bakircioglu
  • Markus Rosenberg
  • SUBS
  • Fabio Coltorti
  • Barba Osmar
  • Pablo Pinillos
  • Edu Bedia
  • Ariel Nahuelpan
  • Gonzalez Adrian
  • Waldo Ponce



Match Report

Form Guide

  • Racing Santander
  • VS
  • Deportivo La Coruna

Last Meetings

  • Deportivo La Coruna
  • 1 - 1
  • Racing Santander
  • 11/04/2010
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  • 0 - 1
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  • 29/11/2009
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  • 08/03/2009
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  • 1 - 3
  • Deportivo La Coruna
  • 06/04/2008
  • Deportivo La Coruna
  • 0 - 1
  • Racing Santander
  • 11/11/2007

Top Scorers

Racing Santander

  • M Rosenberg 2
  • P Munitis 1
  • K Bakircioglu 1
  • PC Pinillos 1
  • M Lacen 1
  • MM Torrejon 1
  • P Diop 1
  • AG Nahuelpan 1
  • BA Henrique 1

Deportivo La Coruna

  • DD Colotto 2
  • A Lopo 1
  • AV Juan Rodriguez 1
  • N Pablo Alvarez 1
  • IS Riki 1
  • LA Adrian 1
  • AA Oliva 1


Racing Santander

    • Total goals 29
    • Goals per game 10
  • (For) 4 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • (For) 4 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 1 (For) 3 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 2 (For) 1 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • (For) 3 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 1 (For) 2 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 1 (For) 2 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 2 (For) Period 71-80 mins
  • 3 (For) Period 81-90 mins

Deportivo La Coruna

    • Total goals 30
    • Goals per game 11
  • 1 (For) 2 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • (For) 2 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 3 (For) 1 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • (For) 3 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 1 (For) Period 41-50 mins
  • 2 (For) 2 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • (For) 2 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 2 (For) 1 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 2 (For) 2 (Against) Period 81-90 mins