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  • Date:13 May 2012
  • Kick-off:12:30
  • Venue:Fir Park Stadium
  • Attendance:7,456
  • Russell (7) Daly (81)

Live Commentary


Michael Higdon has shot on goal from just outside the penalty box which goes wide of the right-hand upright.


Shaun Hutchinson is ruled offside. Dusan Pernis restarts play with the free kick.


Foul by Sean Dillon on Henrik Ojamaa, free kick awarded. Free kick crossed by Tom Hateley.


Effort by John Rankin from a long way out goes over the crossbar.


Inswinging corner taken by Gary Mackay-Steven from the right by-line played to the near post, clearance made by Shaun Hutchinson.


Ryan Gauld on for Johnny Russell.


Jon Daly fires in a goal from inside the six-yard box to the top left corner of the goal. Motherwell 0-2 Dundee Utd.Assist by Johnny Russell.


The ball is delivered by Tom Hateley, Shaun Hutchinson takes a shot.


Gary Mackay-Steven fouled by Tom Hateley, the ref awards a free kick. Tom Hateley is given a yellow card. Free kick taken by Paul Dixon.


Unfair challenge on Ross Forbes by Jon Daly results in a free kick. Ross Forbes delivers the ball from the free kick left-footed from right wing, clearance made by Scott Robertson.


Stephen Craigan leaves the field to be replaced by Ross Forbes.


Tim Clancy concedes a free kick for a foul on Gary Mackay-Steven. Jon Daly goes into the referee's book. Tim Clancy is booked. Strike on goal comes in from Paul Dixon from the free kick, save by Darren Randolph.


Effort on goal by Scott Robertson from just inside the area clears the crossbar.


John Rankin has an effort at goal from just outside the box which goes wide of the right-hand upright.


(Dundee Utd) makes a substitution, with Gary Mackay-Steven coming on for Stuart Armstrong.


Shot from outside the area by Stephen Craigan misses to the left of the target.


Corner taken right-footed by Tom Hateley from the right by-line to the near post, Jon Daly makes a clearance.


Inswinging corner taken from the left by-line by Tom Hateley, clearance made by Paul Dixon.


Henrik Ojamaa on for Nicky Law.


Ryan Dow produces a left-footed shot from deep inside the penalty area which goes wide of the left-hand post.


Shot by Johnny Russell. Comfortable save by Darren Randolph.


Foul by Johnny Russell on Stephen Craigan, free kick awarded. Free kick taken by Steve Jennings.


Ryan Dow takes a corner.


Jon Daly takes a shot. Save made by Darren Randolph.


Corner taken right-footed by Ryan Dow.


Ryan Dow produces a right-footed shot from just outside the area that goes harmlessly over the bar.


Ryan Dow replaces Danny Swanson.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Keith Lasley by Danny Swanson. Tom Hateley produces a strike on goal direct from the free kick.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Keith Lasley by Danny Swanson. Danny Swanson receives a yellow card for unsporting behaviour. Nicky Law takes the direct free kick.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Shaun Hutchinson by Keith Watson. Darren Randolph takes the free kick.


Corner taken by Danny Swanson, save by Darren Randolph.


Scott Robertson fouled by Keith Lasley, the ref awards a free kick. Free kick taken by Scott Robertson.


Shot by Steve Jennings from outside the box goes over the net.


Keith Lasley gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Danny Swanson. Steve Jennings is booked. Richie Ryan has a direct shot on goal from the free kick.


Tom Hateley crosses the ball, Headed effort from inside the box by Michael Higdon misses to the right of the target.


Foul by Danny Swanson on Tim Clancy, free kick awarded. Free kick taken by Tim Clancy.


Unfair challenge on Stuart Armstrong by Stephen Craigan results in a free kick. Paul Dixon has an effort direct from the free kick,


Stuart Armstrong challenges Shaun Hutchinson unfairly and gives away a free kick. Tom Hateley takes the direct free kick.


Shot from deep inside the area by Michael Higdon clears the bar.


The official flags Michael Higdon offside. Dusan Pernis takes the free kick.


Corner taken by Tom Hateley.


Stuart Armstrong is adjudged to have handled the ball. Direct free kick taken by Darren Randolph.


Steve Jennings challenges Richie Ryan unfairly and gives away a free kick. Direct free kick taken by Dusan Pernis.


Johnny Russell gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Tim Clancy. Darren Randolph takes the free kick.


Outswinging corner taken by Tom Hateley from the right by-line, Michael Higdon takes a shot. Blocked by Keith Watson.


Richie Ryan concedes a free kick for a foul on Chris Humphrey. Tom Hateley delivers the ball, Stephen Craigan produces a header from inside the area that goes over the bar.


Inswinging corner taken by Tom Hateley, clearance made by Jon Daly.


Drilled right-footed shot by Nicky Law. Dusan Pernis makes a brilliant save.


Corner taken by Tom Hateley from the right by-line, clearance made by Jon Daly.


Keith Watson concedes a free kick for a foul on Nicky Law. Darren Randolph restarts play with the free kick.


Effort from the edge of the penalty area by John Rankin hits the post.


Effort from outside the penalty area by Paul Dixon goes wide left of the target.


Keith Lasley concedes a free kick for a foul on Danny Swanson. Richie Ryan takes the free kick.


Foul by Stevie Hammell on Danny Swanson, free kick awarded. Tim Clancy replaces Stevie Hammell. Sean Dillon takes the direct free kick.


Shot from 18 yards from Stuart Armstrong. Fantastic save by Darren Randolph. Johnny Russell takes a shot. Darren Randolph makes a save. Johnny Russell finds the net with a goal from close range to the bottom left corner of the goal. Motherwell 0-1 Dundee Utd.

Match Preview

Craigan in contention for Motherwell Retiring captain Stephen Craigan is expected to return to the Motherwell team for the Clydesdale Bank Premier League clash against Dundee United. The 35-year-old announced his retirement on Tuesday and is expected to lead the team out for the final time. The Fir Park match will be a double celebration, both of Craigan's 15 years at Fir Park and the team's Champions League qualification following their third-place finish in the Clydesdale Bank Premier League. Craigan won 54 caps for Northern Ireland and played in two cup finals for Motherwell as well as being part of three European campaigns. The defender, whose 378 Motherwell appearances were interrupted by a three-year spell at Partick Thistle, said: "I'm excited and I'm content with the decision I've made. It has been in the back of my mind for a few months. "Once that thought comes in your head it's hard to get rid of. If you're having a bad day at training or struggling to get back from injury or just feeling a bit low, that thought keeps coming back. "The emotional side I had to put to the back of my mind and try to make a logical decision that is best for me. But this weekend is going to be great. It's everything I have worked hard for, to play football for 18 years. "It's good that it's a celebration because we are in the Champions League and have done as well as we ever have done in the SPL. That plays a little bit of a part in your decision as well. I wouldn't have liked to have finished seventh or eight in the league and say goodbye in front of 2,000 people. Ticket prices are down to #5 so hopefully it will be a good day all round." Motherwell could rest some players who have been playing with knocks after securing third place. Michael Higdon has been suffering from a back injury and is also one booking away from suspension so is likely to miss out. United have doubts over several defenders with Robbie Neilson (ankle), Gavin Gunning (shoulder) and Barry Douglas (knock) are all unlikely to be risked. Striker Milos Lacny (knee) remains on the sidelines. The Tangerines clinched a Europa League spot thanks to last weekend's home win over champions Celticl. United have the advantage of going in at a later stage of this season's Europa League qualifiers unlike last season when they faced Polish team Slask Wroclaw in early July. But boss Peter Houston said: "It's not really something we've thought about that much. "It's another great achievement by everyone to get into Europe for the third season running. "It will probably help to have that bit more time to prepare this time round as last season's start was very early. "However, we still have some league business to attend to this weekend when we go to Motherwell."

Formation:442Manager: Stuart McCall


Formation: 442Manager: Peter Houston

Dundee Utd

  • Darren Randolph
  • Tom Hateley
  • Shaun Hutchinson
  • Stephen Craigan
  • Stevie Hammell
  • Chris Humphrey
  • Steve Jennings
  • Keith Lasley
  • Nicky Law
  • Michael Higdon
  • Jamie Murphy
  • SUBS
  • Lee Hollis
  • Omar Daley
  • Ross Forbes
  • Jonathan Page
  • Tim Clancy
  • Henrik Ojamaa
  • Stewart Carswell



Match Report

Form Guide

  • Motherwell
  • VS
  • Dundee Utd

Last Meetings

  • Dundee Utd
  • 1 - 1
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  • Motherwell
  • 12/01/2011

Top Scorers


  • M Higdon 10
  • J Murphy 9
  • H Ojamaa 7
  • N Law 4
  • K Lasley 4
  • S Hammell 2
  • O Daley 2
  • C Humphrey 2
  • T Hateley 2
  • R McHugh 1
  • S Hutchinson 1

Dundee Utd

  • J Daly 17
  • J Russell 8
  • S Robertson 6
  • J Rankin 4
  • G Mackay-Steven 4
  • P Dixon 3
  • D Swanson 3
  • G Gunning 2
  • W Flood 1
  • K Watson 1
  • B Douglas 1
  • M Lacny 1
  • S Armstrong 1



    • Total goals 91
    • Goals per game 49
  • 3 (For) 4 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • 6 (For) 5 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 8 (For) 3 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 2 (For) 2 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 4 (For) 3 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 5 (For) 4 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 8 (For) 8 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 5 (For) 6 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 8 (For) 7 (Against) Period 81-90 mins

Dundee Utd

    • Total goals 102
    • Goals per game 60
  • 2 (For) 3 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • 4 (For) 11 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 5 (For) 3 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 9 (For) 5 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 5 (For) 4 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 5 (For) 7 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 8 (For) 6 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 11 (For) 4 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 11 (For) 7 (Against) Period 81-90 mins