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  • Date:19 Jan 2013
  • Kick-off:15:00
  • Venue:Links Park Stadium
  • Attendance:336
  • Johnston (58)
  • Sweeney - pen (7)

Live Commentary


Alan Campbell challenges Gary Graham unfairly and gives away a free kick. John Sweeney fires a strike on goal direct from the free kick, save made by Sandy Wood.


John Sweeney concedes a free kick for a foul on Richard McIntosh. Direct free kick taken by Paul Watson.


Gavin Brown challenges Garry Wood unfairly and gives away a free kick. Free kick crossed by Paul Watson, clearance by James Lyden.


The referee shows Gavin Brown a yellow card.


Garry Wood challenges Ryan MacBeth unfairly and gives away a free kick. Iain Gray restarts play with the free kick.


Foul by Alan Campbell on Jamie Barclay, free kick awarded. Jamie Barclay takes the direct free kick.


Gary Graham on for Kevin Watt.


Corner taken by John Sweeney from the left by-line, save by Sandy Wood.


Inswinging corner taken by John Sweeney, Garry Wood manages to make a clearance.


Paul Hay goes off and Kieran McDonald comes on.


Corner taken right-footed by David Gray.


Shot by Ryan MacBeth from a long way out goes over the net.


The referee blows for offside. Free kick taken by Alan Campbell.


Scott Johnston fires in a goal from inside the penalty area to the bottom left corner of the goal. Montrose 1-1 Clyde.


Corner taken right-footed by Richard McIntosh from the right by-line, Jamie Barclay makes a save.


Leighton McIntosh fouled by James Lyden, the ref awards a free kick. David Gray restarts play with the free kick.

47:25 +2.25

Inswinging corner taken from the right by-line by John Sweeney.


The offside flag is raised against Kevin Watt. Sandy Wood takes the free kick.

46:55 +1.55

Outswinging corner taken from the right by-line by John Sweeney, clearance made by Paul Watson.

46:08 +1.08

John Sweeney takes the inswinging corner, save by Sandy Wood.

45:30 +0.30

Terry Masson produces a right-footed shot from just outside the penalty box that misses to the left of the goal.


Foul by Terry Masson on Stefan McCluskey, free kick awarded. Michael Oliver takes the free kick.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Paul Hay on Garry Wood. David Gray takes the direct free kick.


Paul Watson takes a shot. Save made by Jamie Barclay. Inswinging corner taken right-footed by David Gray from the right by-line, clearance by Michael Oliver.


Inswinging corner taken from the right by-line by David Gray.


Leighton McIntosh receives a yellow card. Foul by Leighton McIntosh on Paul Hay, free kick awarded. Iain Gray takes the direct free kick.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Michael Oliver by Garry Wood. Jamie Barclay takes the direct free kick.


Corner from the right by-line taken by John Sweeney, save by Sandy Wood.


David Gray takes the inswinging corner, clearance made by John Sweeney.


Inswinging corner taken by John Sweeney, clearance by Jonathan Crawford.


Gavin Brown produces a right-footed effort from long distance that goes harmlessly over the bar.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Terry Masson on Stefan McCluskey. Michael Oliver takes the direct free kick.


Inswinging corner taken right-footed by David Gray, clearance by John Sweeney.


Stuart McColm takes a shot. Blocked by Stephen McNally. Stephen McNally is penalised for handball and concedes a . Stephen McNally receives a red card for deliberate handball. Penalty taken right-footed by John Sweeney and scored. Montrose 0-1 Clyde.


Inswinging corner taken by John Sweeney, clearance by Paul Watson.


Inswinging corner taken right-footed by David Gray from the left by-line, clearance made by Gavin Brown.

Match Preview

Morton gives Montrose lift Montrose will be boosted by the return of Scott Morton as they bid to keep hold of a play-off spot by defeating visitors Clyde. Morton is available again after a combination of neck and back injuries kept him out for three weeks. Defender Paul Lunan is still not ready to return after an ankle problem, Jamie Winter is doubtful with a hamstring strain and Craig McLeish is struggling with a back injury. Manager Stuart Garden said: "The games we have had with Clyde this season have been really tight affairs, settled by the odd goal and I do not think this game will be much different. "I'm looking for us to bounce back after losing at Annan and play as well as we did at Peterhead a fortnight ago." Clyde will be without new loan signing Kevin Nicol after the Dumbarton man picked up a hamstring problem in his first game for the Bully Wee in their win over Stirling last weekend. John Neil also misses out due to a chest infection, while manager Jim Duffy is looking for his men to reproduce one of their best displays of the season. Duffy said: "When we went to Links Park in August we started slowly and went two goals down, but we recovered and won 3-2 with a great display. "It would be great to put in the second-half performance we put in that day for the full 90 minutes and follow up our win over Stirling with another success."

Formation:442Manager: Ray Farningham


Formation: 442Manager: Jim Duffy


  • Sandy Wood
  • Stephen McNally
  • Jonathan Crawford
  • Alan Campbell
  • Paul Watson
  • David Gray
  • Terry Masson
  • Richard McIntosh
  • Scott Johnston
  • Garry Wood
  • Leighton McIntosh
  • SUBS
  • David Crawford
  • Scott Morton
  • Paul Lunan
  • Philip McGuire
  • David Beedie



Match Report

Form Guide

  • Montrose
  • VS
  • Clyde

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  • 20/08/2011

Top Scorers


  • L Young 7
  • L McIntosh 6
  • G Wood 5
  • J Winter 4
  • S Johnston 3
  • T Masson 2
  • P Watson 1
  • D Gray 1
  • C McLeish 1
  • S Morton 1


  • K Watt 6
  • BJ Gilfillan 3
  • PJ Scullion 2
  • S McColm 2
  • J Sweeney 2
  • S McCluskey 1
  • J Neill 1
  • D Marsh 1
  • G Graham 1



    • Total goals 74
    • Goals per game 36
  • 4 (For) 2 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • 6 (For) Period 11-20 mins
  • 6 (For) 7 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 6 (For) 2 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 1 (For) 4 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 2 (For) 7 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 3 (For) 5 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 4 (For) 4 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 4 (For) 7 (Against) Period 81-90 mins


    • Total goals 61
    • Goals per game 23
  • (For) 4 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • 3 (For) 5 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 5 (For) 5 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • (For) 5 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 4 (For) 4 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 6 (For) 1 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 1 (For) 2 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 2 (For) 5 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 2 (For) 3 (Against) Period 81-90 mins