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  • Date:12 Dec 2010
  • Kick-off:16:00
  • Venue:ONO Estadi
  • Pereira (73)
  • Oscar Serrano (90)

Live Commentary


Rodriguez Oscar Serrano gets on the score sheet with a goal from just inside the penalty area to the top right corner of the goal. Mallorca 0-1 Racing Santander.Assist on the goal came from Pablo Pinillos.


Kennedy Bakircioglu leaves the field to be replaced by Rodriguez Oscar Serrano.


Corner taken right-footed by Kennedy Bakircioglu from the right by-line, clearance by Enrique Corrales.


Ivan Bolado joins the action as a substitute, replacing Markus Rosenberg.


Corner taken right-footed by Jose Luis Marti from the right by-line, clearance made by Mehdi Lacen.


Ariel Nahuelpan on for Gonzalez Adrian.


Corner taken by Jose Luis Marti, Pablo Pinillos makes a clearance.


Jose Luis Marti takes a shot. Save by Antonio Tono. Michael Pereira fires in a goal from close in to the bottom right corner of the goal. Mallorca 1-0 Racing Santander.


Jose Luis Marti takes a shot. Save by Antonio Tono. Michael Pereira takes a shot. Save made by Antonio Tono.


Casadesus Victor replaces Gonzalo Castro.


The ball is swung over by Gonzalo Colsa, Jose Carlos Nunes makes a clearance.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Pedro Munitis by Gonzalo Castro. Kennedy Bakircioglu restarts play with the free kick.


Emilio Nsue is brought on as a substitute for Jonathan De Guzman.


Enrique Corrales gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Markus Rosenberg. Buss Henrique takes the free kick.


Inswinging corner taken by Jonathan De Guzman, save made by Antonio Tono.


Gonzalez Adrian handles the ball and concedes a free kick. The free kick is swung in right-footed by Jonathan De Guzman.


Short corner taken by Pedro Munitis.


Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Jose Luis Marti by Pedro Munitis. Free kick crossed by Jonathan De Guzman, clearance made by Pablo Pinillos. Jose Luis Marti takes the outswinging corner, clearance by Gonzalez Adrian.


Gonzalo Colsa challenges Michael Pereira unfairly and gives away a free kick. Direct free kick taken by Gonzalo Castro. Effort on goal by Ivan Ramis from just inside the penalty box goes harmlessly over the target.


Pierre Webo takes a shot. Save by Antonio Tono.


Long range shot by Severino Joao Victor strikes the post.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Severino Joao Victor on Buss Henrique. Buss Henrique restarts play with the free kick.


Foul by Buss Henrique on Pierre Webo, free kick awarded. Ivan Ramis takes the free kick.


Inswinging corner taken from the left by-line by Jonathan De Guzman, clearance made by Kennedy Bakircioglu.


Enrique Corrales concedes a free kick for a foul on Kennedy Bakircioglu. Pedro Munitis crosses the ball in from the free kick, save made by Dudu Aouate.


Inswinging corner taken by Kennedy Bakircioglu, Header from deep inside the penalty area by Mehdi Lacen goes harmlessly over the crossbar.

The ref blows the whistle to start the match.

It is the end of the first-half.

The referee gets the match started.

The referee gets the second half underway.

The final whistle is blown by the referee.

Match Preview

Formation:442Manager: Gregorio Manzano


Formation: 442Manager: Miguel Angel Portugal

Racing Santander

  • Dudu Aouate
  • Pau Cendros
  • Jose Carlos Nunes
  • Ivan Ramis
  • Enrique Corrales
  • Severino Joao Victor
  • Jose Luis Marti
  • Jonathan De Guzman
  • Gonzalo Castro
  • Michael Pereira
  • Pierre Webo
  • SUBS
  • German Lux
  • Piller Filho Eduardo Ratinho
  • Emilio Nsue
  • Fernando Cavenaghi
  • Adrover Tuni
  • Diaz Ayoze
  • Casadesus Victor



Match Report

Form Guide

  • Mallorca
  • VS
  • Racing Santander

Last Meetings

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  • 0 - 0
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  • 3 - 1
  • Mallorca
  • 09/12/2007

Top Scorers


  • PA Webo 4
  • M Pereira 3
  • FE Cavenaghi 2
  • GI Castro 2
  • J De Guzman 1
  • EL Nsue 1

Racing Santander

  • M Rosenberg 4
  • P Munitis 1
  • K Bakircioglu 1
  • PC Pinillos 1
  • M Lacen 1
  • MM Torrejon 1
  • P Diop 1
  • AG Nahuelpan 1
  • BA Henrique 1



    • Total goals 31
    • Goals per game 15
  • 2 (For) Period 0-10 mins
  • 1 (For) 1 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 2 (For) 3 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 1 (For) 2 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 2 (For) 2 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 1 (For) 1 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 3 (For) 1 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • (For) 1 (Against) Period 71-80 mins
  • 3 (For) 5 (Against) Period 81-90 mins

Racing Santander

    • Total goals 28
    • Goals per game 12
  • (For) 4 (Against) Period 0-10 mins
  • (For) 4 (Against) Period 11-20 mins
  • 1 (For) 4 (Against) Period 21-30 mins
  • 2 (For) 1 (Against) Period 31-40 mins
  • 1 (For) 4 (Against) Period 41-50 mins
  • 1 (For) 4 (Against) Period 51-60 mins
  • 2 (For) 2 (Against) Period 61-70 mins
  • 2 (For) Period 71-80 mins
  • 3 (For) Period 81-90 mins