• Date: Tue 06 September 2011
  • Kick-off: 19:45
  • Venue: Wembley Stadium

England vs Wales

Possession Stats


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Live Text Commentary

Just waiting for the board to go up now, likely to be three or four added minutes.


Ramsey awarded man of the match - played well, but not a lot of competition. Two minutes it is!


The whistle has blown, the three points are in the bag and we are all put out of our misery. The Group G table will look good tonight, but that's about it.


Young has England's first attempt for some time. Rooney is being replaced by Andy Carroll. Time for a short cameo from the big man?


Still all Wales, if England come away with all the points here, they will consider themselves a touch fortunate. Who knows what would have happened if Bellamy or Vaughan had played?


Five minutes left and Wales prepare for one last push. A quick change in personel sees Collison being replaced by Jack King.


Another break away from Wales. Ramsey to Bale to Earnshaw, but the finish was not convincing. Goal kick to England.


Free kick given against Gunter in the England box, but Hart didn't know and made an amazing save.


England are looking pretty dire now, looks like an end of season performance - at best. Adam Johnson is coming on for Stewart Downing to try and spice things up a little.


Another foul another dangerous free kick for Wales and from the resultant melee, Earnshaw misses an open goal.


Bale strikes it high, wide and not very handsome. That effort is a good summation of the game so far.


Wales trying to force things a bit now and have a very inviting free kick.


I don't like to say I told you so, but........Parker on for Lampard


Subs warming up from both sides. Scott Parker looks most likley to come on. The game certainly needs something


Earnshaw on for Morison - probably should have taken a midfielder off instead.


Fumbled by the 'keeper, but Gary Cahill is unable to repeat Friday night's heroics.


Free kick to England in a dangerous position


England corner, quickly taken and knocked behind for another one


Welsh corner, played short but wasted.


10 minutes into the second half and nothing to report save the dodgy offside against Bale - says it all really!


Good possesion from the Welsh, but Morison is cutting a lonely figure up front. They will need to help him out or all their impressive build up play will be for nothing.


Gareth Bale tries to spring the offside trap but the flag goes up - wrongly as it happens.


Off again at Wembley. Let's hope for a bit more excitement this half


The Assistant Referee didn't even get his moment in the sun, no additional time required as the half time whistle is blown. A pretty average half from both sides with just the Ashley Young goal separating them. Gary Speed will have the harder 15 minutes ahead of him though.


Wales need the half time whistle now. A chance to regroup and rediscover the form that they showed in the middle 20 minutes of the first half. It's going to be tough though.


What a difference a goal makes. Fantastic corner from Young, Rooney just fails to make contact.


Now we shall see what Wales are made of, can they come out and get back in England's faces or will it be the same old story? Worrying times for Gary Speed now. Anyone know the Welsh for 'hairdryer'!!?


Don't you just know it. Goal against the run of play from Ashley Young.


The threatened attack never materialised and although the ball is back with England, there is very little shape and no urgency at all. Does anyone know the Italian for 'hairdryer'?


Capello looking a little ruffled at present. The changes, forced or otherwise, have not worked yet.....but hang on!


Wales continue to be in the ascendency, but no real chances created. They are going to have to give Morison some support up front if they want to really make a go of it


Cleared by Cahill but only out for a Welsh throw. Sustained period of welsh pressure fizzles out to nothing.


Welsh corner now, can they make anything of it?


Free kick for England in a dangerous position punched clear by Hennessey. Clutching at straws trying to bring you a bit of action.

Yellow card

Still all a little turgid after 20 minutes. Foul by Milner has produced the first yellow card of the match. Not undeserved.


England's second corner a waste - again. Williams needs to watch his defending though. The ref is watching him now.


Wales are starting to grow in confidence now, certainly no evidence of the gap of 113 positions in the FIFA rankings.


Not a lot to report so far. All a bit cagy.


And we are off, England get the 101st International between these two Home Nations underway.


Elsewhere in the group it's half time in Basel with Switzerland and Bulgaria tied at one a piece.


Wales come into this game as huge underdogs but on the back of their biggest win in recent times but remain at the bottom of Group G with 3 pts. In comparison England are 3pts clear of Montenegro with 14 pts but have been less than convincing playing at Wembley with Capello calling for a return to 'Fortress Wembley'. We will be building up to the match with the latest news and team information before kick-off at 7:45


Likely Line-Ups - England: Hart, Smalling, Cole, Terry, Cahill, Barry, Parker, Downing, Milner, Rooney and Young


Likely Line-Ups - Wales: Hennessey, Gunter, Taylor, Collins, Williams, Ramsay, Crofts, Ledley, Bale, Collison and Morison


Capello plots to stop Bale - The plan appears to revolve around Manchester City midfielder James Milner being recalled in place of Theo Walcott and a change of formation to the one responsible for England's outstanding victory in Bulgaria on Friday. [url]http://www.football.co.uk/england/capello_plots_to_stop_bale_rss1831765.shtml[/url]


So predictions and adjustments to the likely line-up...Hams on the football forum thinks "I don't think it will be that easy but I still think we will come away with the 3 points! I hope that Fabio Capello leaves out Frank Lampard again and keeps Scott Parker in the line up. I also think that Ashley Young should move back to the left side of midfield as he isn't really a striker. Stewart Downing should be the man to give way and Jermaine Defoe brought in to partner Wayne Rooney. My Prediction - England 2-0 Wales " [url]http://forum.football.co.uk[/url]


Of course the biggest talking point of the last match was the relegation of Lampard to the subs bench. Lots of chat on the footymad website [url]http://www.footymad.net[/url]


A little over two hours until kick off at Wembley, but it's already half way through the first half in Moscow where the Republic hope to maintain their push for the play offs. Russia have had the best off the opening exchanges with Given keeping the Irish in the game on at least two occasions. Still 0 - 0.


Two hours until kick-off and although there is a modicum of tension around Wembley, the atmosphere is not what would have been anticipated when the draw was originally made all those months ago. Half time at the Luzhniki where somehow the Republic are still on level terms. Shots have rained in on Given's goal, but so far a mixture of skill and luck has kept the Russians out.


Steely Hill is rather confident of an England win and writes on the football forums: "we will totally dominate them as we are infinitely superior to them. it is barely even a competitive game for a nation of our might. another home nation minnow brushed aside while we bear the burden of being the sole representative of the United Kingdom at a major tournament once again." Any Wales fans out their expecting some giant killing? Give us your views. [url]http://forum.football.co.uk[/url]


Approaching 90 minutes from kickoff and the team news is eagerly awaited, will Walcott start or perhaps it will be Milner? Shouldn't be long now, team news here as soon as it isout. Final score from Moscow is 0-0, not a bad result for the Irish, but leaves them lagging behind Russia and only a point ahead of Slovakia having played a game more. With two straightforward games of their own left,the Irish will be hoping that Russia get a result in Bratislava in October.


England - Hart, Smalling, Cole, Terry, Cahill, Barry, Lampard, Downing, Milner, Rooney and Young. So rumours of Lampard's demise are found to be greatly exaggerated


Capello is leaving himself open to criticism by changing a winning formula. Walcott and Parker were at the centre of much of England's build up play on Friday, so these changes will need to work tonight. We are hearing that Walcott has a slight hamstring strain whereas Parker's demotion to the bench is tactical. A big call from the Italian when qualification is within his grasp. Still waiting for the Welsh team.


Wales: Hennessey, Gunter, Taylor, Blake, Williams, Ramsay, Crofts, Ledley, Bale, Collison and Morison


No great shocks in the Wales line-up with just Blake replacing Collins from what was the predicted line-up. Subs to follow as we get them.


England record v Wales: Played: 100 Won: 65 Drawn: 21 Lost: 14 Goals for: 244 Goals against: 90


Just thirty minutes to go and Wembley looks like it's preparing for the FA Vase Final. There were still 12,000 tickets left this morning and it doesn't look like too many of those have been snapped up. Still a crowd of 80.000 is not to be sniffed at and is likely to be the biggest crowd of the night. Certainly better than the 109 that watched Andorra v Armenia on Friday night!


Not everyone delighted with the return of Lampard on the forums! Johaldo8 writes: "I'm disgusted with this decision, and not because our new Yiddo Parker has been the fall guy. I'm disgusted because I thought Capello was a man of integrity and his own mind, but this clearly is a decision based to appease the old guard of the squad."


So here we go the teams are out, just the anthems and then we are away. It will be a massive shock if Wales get a goal, let alone a point, but this is International football and as everyone knows there are no easy games in International football.......


Credit to Wales they have largely been organised in defence and have shown they can threaten England. Still not convinced by the impact Lampard as yet and in my book he has 45 minutes to stake his claim. View on the forums is its a fairly typical home performance and Rooney going so deep to receive the ball at times is never a good sign...3 pts is what we need however...


A quick word for the Irish fans out there and a good one it is - Slovakia have conceded a second goal at home to Armenia and with less than 20 minutes left are losing 0-2 leaving the path to the play offs wide open for the Irish,


It may be time to take Milner off before he gets a second yellow card. Win, lose or draw tonight, a scoring draw in Podgorica next month will see England through regardless. Capello will want his strongest team out that night - for sure.


Another corner for Wales, it may sound like it's end to end stuff, but let me assure that it is no such thing. The attack fizzles out again.


So England will travel to Podgorica on October 7th six points clear of Montenegro and needing just a draw to progress to next summer's finals. For Wales it is time to plan for the qualifying campaign for Brazil 2014. Not the most satifying night for the Three Lions, but the points were collected and sometimes that is all that matters. Get on to the forums now to discuss.


A disjointed sloppy performance by England but Wales played extremely well and were unlucky not to take something from this game. Feel Capello got it wrong on this one. Are Capello and the 'Golden Generation' now stunting progression? Is it simply about 3 points in the bag? Your thoughts as always welcome on the forums. [url]http://forum.football.co.uk[/url]