• Date: Sat 21 August 2010
  • Kick-off: 15:00
  • Venue: Selhurst Park
1 - 2
Ipswich Town

Ipswich Town

Leadbitter 50" (P)

Edwards 55"

Crystal Palace vs Ipswich Town

Team Lineups

Crystal Palace

1 Speroni
2 Clyne
4 Davis
5 McCarthy
19 Bennett
15 Cadogan
10 Garvan
8 Danns90"
11 Dorman
16 Zaha
9 Lee
13 Price
6 Barrett
12 Andrew
21 Djilali
28 O'Keefe
29 Obika
30 Marrow

Ipswich Town

21 Fulop
2 Peters
4 McAuley
20 Smith
48 O'Dea
19 Hyam
7 Edwards55"
6 Leadbitter50"
8 Norris
17 Townsend
14 Stead
1 Murphy
3 O'Connor
16 Priskin
22 Brown
23 Eastman
24 Healy
34 Hourihane

Possession Stats


Form Guide -

Crystal Palace

Ipswich Town

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Live Text Commentary
95:05 +5.05

Corner taken short by Grant Leadbitter.

93:20 +3.2

Jaime Peters leaves the field to be replaced by Tom Eastman.

92:03 +2.03

Neil Danns grabs a headed goal from deep inside the penalty area. Crystal Palace 1-2 Ipswich.Assist on the goal came from Nathaniel Clyne.

90:16 +0.16

Luke Hyam goes off and Shane O'Connor comes on.


Tamas Priskin replaces Jonathan Stead.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Tommy Smith on Wilfried Zaha. Owen Garvan takes the direct free kick.


(Crystal Palace) makes a substitution, with Alex Marrow coming on for Alan Lee.


Inswinging corner taken left-footed by Neil Danns from the right by-line, Julian Bennett produces a right-footed shot from inside the area that clears the bar.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Andros Townsend on Julian Speroni. Andros Townsend is shown a red card for serious foul play. Jonathan Obika replaces Andy Dorman. Julian Speroni takes the free kick.


Shot by Andy Dorman from outside the box goes high over the crossbar.

Yellow card

Luke Hyam is shown a yellow card. The referee shows Owen Garvan a yellow card.


The offside flag is raised against Wilfried Zaha. Indirect free kick taken by Marton Fulop.


Carlos Edwards sends in a cross, Gareth McAuley produces a header from close range which goes wide of the left-hand upright.


Short corner taken by Andros Townsend from the right by-line.


Free kick awarded for a foul by Andros Townsend on Patrick McCarthy. Julian Speroni takes the free kick.


Foul by Jaime Peters on Wilfried Zaha, free kick awarded. Julian Bennett takes the direct free kick.


The ball is swung over by Grant Leadbitter, Carlos Edwards grabs a goal from close range to the top right corner of the goal. Crystal Palace 0-2 Ipswich.The assist for the goal came from Grant Leadbitter.


Inswinging corner taken by Andy Dorman, Jonathan Stead manages to make a clearance.

Yellow card

Foul by David Norris on Owen Garvan, free kick awarded. The referee shows David Norris a yellow card. Free kick crossed left-footed by Julian Bennett from right wing, David Norris makes a clearance.


Adam Barrett replaces Kieron Cadogan.


Claude Davis gives away a Penalty for an unfair challenge on Jonathan Stead. The referee shows Claude Davis a red card for professional foul. Penalty taken right-footed by Grant Leadbitter and scored. Crystal Palace 0-1 Ipswich.


Nathaniel Clyne handles the ball and concedes a free kick. Darren O'Dea takes the direct free kick.


Jonathan Stead concedes a free kick for a foul on Claude Davis. Julian Speroni restarts play with the free kick.

45:03 +0.03

Kieron Cadogan takes a shot from inside the box clearing the bar.


Andros Townsend challenges Wilfried Zaha unfairly and gives away a free kick. Direct free kick taken by Neil Danns.


Jonathan Stead delivers the ball.


Grant Leadbitter decides to take the corner short.


Foul by Kieron Cadogan on Darren O'Dea, free kick awarded. Marton Fulop takes the direct free kick.


Andros Townsend has an effort at goal from outside the box which goes wide right of the goal.


Wilfried Zaha fouled by Luke Hyam, the ref awards a free kick. Direct free kick taken by Patrick McCarthy.


Andy Dorman is flagged offside by the assistant referee. Marton Fulop takes the indirect free kick.


Corner taken by Andros Townsend played to the near post, clearance by Owen Garvan.


Andros Townsend fouled by Patrick McCarthy, the ref awards a free kick. The referee cautions Patrick McCarthy for unsporting behaviour. The free kick is delivered right-footed by Grant Leadbitter from left wing, clearance by Patrick McCarthy.


Gareth McAuley gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Alan Lee. Julian Bennett delivers the ball from the free kick left-footed from left wing.


The referee blows for offside against Carlos Edwards. Julian Speroni restarts play with the free kick.


Shot by Carlos Edwards from inside the six-yard box clear the bar.


Grant Leadbitter takes a inswinging corner from the left by-line to the near post, save by Julian Speroni.


Jonathan Stead takes a shot. Save by Julian Speroni.


Owen Garvan has an effort at goal from outside the penalty box missing to the wide right of the goal.

Kick off

The match gets underway.

Half time

The ref blows to signal half-time.

Half time

The ref blows to signal half-time.

Full time

The match has reached full-time.