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Was Sir Alex Ferguson told to leave Manchester United?

By: George McCormick 09 May 2013 08:59:25

Was Sir Alex Ferguson told to leave Manchester United?

Former Manchester Evening News correspondent, David Meek, claims Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure from Manchester United arouses the question as to whether it was 100% his decision.

The journalist, who has worked with the Scotsman for many years, has said that there is a possibility that the 71-year-old was nudged out of Old Trafford by the board.

Meek told Richard Keys and Andy Gray live on talkSPORT: “There is a scenario that he was going to blissfully carry on for at least another season. But there was a meeting with the Glazers, and soon after, he’d decided to quit.

I don’t think it would have been made forcefully, if he felt that the owners no longer had 100% confidence in him then I don’t think he would have hesitated.”

I recall him saying that he would fight on as long as his health allows him, so maybe he’s assessed himself and decided it’s now time to call it a day.

But surely he wanted to stay on and have one last shot at Champions League glory?

He’s hinted at a ‘marquee signing’ for the upcoming transfer window, and my guess is that it’s to be Cristiano Ronaldo. But without Sir Alex, who is like a father to Ronaldo, he may now stick with Madrid.

Perhaps the full story about Ferguson’s sudden retirement will emerge in the coming days.


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