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United's 40M for Spanish Armada

23 Jul 2013 08:42:37

United's 40M for Spanish Armada

The 'Jewel' in the fleet is NO Andy Carroll (£35M)! Reports this morning from ESPN (who claim to have a ‘SOURCE’) indicate that Manchester United are preparing to table a third bid for Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

Gerard Pique says United are "wasting their time", that Cesc is playing for his home-town club, with his friends, and will not give up his dream after working so hard to get back to Barca.

United have now had two offers for the Spanish midfielder turned down by Barcelona, but somehow seem undeterred by Barcelona’s rejections and persist with the pursuit of his signature. This is despite all the ruminations coming from Camp Nou that Fabregas will not be sold under any circumstances.

So, why in the face of all this refusal are United still believing that have an opportunity to land this World Class midfielder?  Do the United hierarchy know something that the rest of us don’t?

It is not like the United we know to be chasing lost causes.

Reports suggest that a club record offer of £35 million is going to wing its way to Barcelona imminently. 

The author would say that Barcelona will only get interested at the £40M mark.

C’mon, Andy Carroll was sold to Liverpool for £35M. Surely its not a stretch to believe that Fabregas (who is poles apart from Carroll as a footballer) is worth bidding £40M for?

United's decision to submit a third bid for the 26-year-old appears to suggest they are going to move ‘heaven and earth’ as Denis Irwin promised in June to land their top target.  Moyes himself is bullish, and yesterday vowed it was his mission to sign Fabregas.  


Source: United Mad


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