Ronaldo branded 'provocative'

06 March 2009 08:36
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has branded Cristiano Ronaldo's play 'provocative', but has also called for greater protection for the Manchester United ace. Wenger was speaking a couple of days after Ronaldo came in for some tough treatment during the 2-1 victory at Newcastle United, which had prompted United boss Sir Alex Ferguson to stand up for his star player. He had said: "Ronaldo is an easy target for the referees. It is easy to give decisions against him because he is such a great player and he is so celebrated. "When he is away from home every crowd boos him, so he has to handle that. But it is not helping him." Wenger responded by telling the Daily Telegraph: "Sometimes I feel Manchester United get too much protection and sometimes they don't get enough, Ronaldo is a specific example of that. "Sometimes his arrogance is provocative and his class as well. "But when a player is not protected it's not right. When there is a bad tackle, you have to be punished and get sent off the pitch." Meanwhile, Ferguson says he is looking forward to sharing a drink with Jose Mourinho again after the midweek Champions League clash with Internazionale. He told Inside United: "The great thing about Jose is he can laugh at himself and is able to separate what happens on the pitch and off it. "He might lose a game, but you can still have a conversation with him about anything and everything after it. "It is important for managers to be able to communicate with each other and forget the game no matter what the result."

Source: ESA