Real: Ronaldo is impossible

03 June 2008 07:34
Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon appears to have finally accepted defeat in his attempts to try and sign Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. The 23-year-old Portugal ace has said that he will make an announcement about his immediate future in the next few days, but Calderon seems to have pre-empted bad news for Real's advances. He told Marca: "At the moment it seems impossible for him to come and we shouldn't talk about Ronaldo any more. "It's an aspiration which has no chance of happening, because his club have said they are not selling and we must not talk about it any more. "Their managing director sent me a letter telling me they will never sell him and even asking me to publicly declare that I will never sign him, which is something which doesn't make much sense. "We have to think that at the moment, whatever Cristiano says, Manchester United won't sell him. "Speaking more about this will only damage the relationship between the clubs. "There is a good relationship with Manchester United and I have said that if someone decides to leave, it is very difficult to keep them. "We don't know if Ronaldo wants to leave or not, that seems to me to be getting ahead of the events. "If I talk about it, I will be criticised for having said there is a chance he will come. If it doesn't happen, it appears a failure. "So much has been said that we don't know if it's true that he wants to leave. We don't know if he will say nothing or if he will say something different."

Source: ESA