Neville wants end to agents

15 February 2007 06:36
Manchester United captain Gary Neville has called for agents to be removed from the game amid claims that he doesn't know many good ones. Neville has called on his fellow professionals to consider whether they actually need an agent and insists in most cases the Professional Footballers' Association would be better representing their interests. The England defender, who is also United's PFA representative, told Sky Sports News: "There are a number of things I personally would like to see. I would like to see the removal of agents in the game. "When we have a union as strong as we have, I think the union could help with the correct education of players and make those young players not so reliant on other people who are going to take money off them. "The PFA does not want to take money, it wants to give and that would be one of the positives along with all the other good work they do." When asked how many good agents were currently operating in football, he added: "I don't know many. There is a concern for me, and it always has been. "It won't change until players become more responsible for their actions. "They (the players) need good advice and good accountants, but they don't need people taking hundreds of thousands off them."

Source: ESA