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Manchester United: Let the Panic Begin


By: Rich Panzarino 05 Dec 2013 09:37:08

Manchester United: Let the Panic Begin

When Everton defender Bryan Oviedo scored four minutes before time against Manchester United, several things happened. Everton would finally break the 21 year streak of not winning at Old Trafford; it was finally realized that the Marouane Fellaini experiment is a complete failure and United fans have become disillusioned with their team that only 5 months ago won the title.

United now sit 12 points behind League leaders Arsenal without much hope that things will improve anytime soon. Unless David Moyes comes up with some sort of plan of action and a truck load of money for the quickly approaching transfer market; there is very little hope that United can or will compete for their 21st title.

There are several issues that need to be addressed and of course we start at the midfield which Everton controlled during large portions of the match. United’s midfield has no leader without Michael Carrick and it is obvious that this issue needs to be resolved once and for all. Another issue has to do with the once dominating backline which is nothing more than a piece meal shell of itself. Injuries, lack of consistent play and age have taken its toll on this once strong defense.

Wayne Rooney who is in great form cannot carry this team by himself and without strike partner Robin Van Persie, will find it rough going. During the match, Rooney’s frustration got the better of him and he kicked and shoved Everton defender Phil Jagielka which earned him his fifth yellow card. Rooney is now suspended for Saturday’s match at Newcastle.

Moyes and United still have time to right the ship but their uphill climb is growing steeper and steeper with every point dropped. If this run of form continues, United can forget about any title talk and worst of all, missing out on the Champions League. I guess now is a good time to panic!


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