Ferguson slams Lille antics

21 February 2007 07:55
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has slammed the actions of Lille's players and officials after Ryan Giggs' late winner in the Champions League first knockout round first leg tie. Giggs struck with a controversial free-kick seven minutes from time to seal a 1-0 away win, curling his shot home as keeper Tony Sylva still was lining up his defensive wall. That prompted an angry response with several of Lille's players appearing to threaten to leave the pitch in protest, while missiles also started to be thrown from the stands. A fuming Ferguson blasted: "If the referee allows you to take a quick free-kick, the goal should be allowed it is as simple as that. "I have no idea who was responsible for what happened after that, it is not my concern, but I have never seen anything like that before. It was a disgrace. "I have seen a lot of bad behaviour in my career. Football is an emotional game but usually everything calms down by the next day. "But I have never seen anything like that before. It created an intimidating and hostile atmosphere and it was totally wrong. "Gary Neville was struck by an object thrown from the crowd and our bench was pelted with objects. It should not be allowed. "UEFA have got to do something. The Lille coaching staff intimidated the referee and it created a hostile atmosphere. UEFA will have to come down strongly."

Source: ESA