Fergie issues FIFA warning

08 August 2008 08:12
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has voiced his opposition to FIFA plans to try and limit the number of foreign players in every team. FIFA are seeking a rule that would mean that every side would have to field six players eligible to play for the country they are based in, with Sepp Blatter having praised Ferguson for picking six English players in his team for the Champions League final. However, Ferguson has distanced himself from Blatter's comments and has warned of the problems the 'six-plus-five' could cause in the future. He said: "I did not start the final of the Champions League with six Englishmen because I was making a political statement. "I did it because they're good enough to win the European Cup. "There has been some criticism in the media of the Premier League this year, with a call for quotas to guarantee English players starting places in teams. "It is vital that the game takes a step back and concentrates on making the right choices. "We have the strongest and the most entertaining league in the world, we should celebrate that, not denigrate it. "Last season proved once again that, as well as being the hardest league in the world to win, it's also the best."

Source: ESA