Fergie hits back at Jose

27 April 2007 03:48
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is surprised that Jose Mourinho has escaped punishment from the FA after the Chelsea manager questioned why the Blues were not awarded a penalty in Sunday's goalless draw at Newcastle United. Mourinho also claimed the Premiership was operating under "new rules" after Middlesbrough failed to win a late spot-kick at Old Trafford last weekend. Ferguson said in response: "Jose Mourinho seems to be on some sort of personal crusade about regulations. I don't think it's strain, he's a very clever man and I think it's calculated. "I'm surprised that no action has been taken against him. He's been let off lightly with that. I think he's saying our game is suspicious, and that's wrong. "He's on about changing regulations. Who's doing it? The FA? The Premier League? UEFA? He says no penalties get given against us. But there have been three against us and none at Stamford Bridge yet. "That puts a terrible pressure on the referee tomorrow and in future games. If we get a penalty kick against us in the next four games, he wins. Mourinho wins that war. "Everybody gets bad decisions, nobody is exempt from that, but you have to get on with it. "Should he point to Tottenham having to play a day-and-a-half after their European game so Chelsea could prepare for their own European tie? "And yet we have to play at 12:45 against Manchester City after playing in Milan on Wednesday. Is that fair? We don't think it is. "But we're not going to start accusing people and being suspicious of the Premier League that Chelsea have got it carved up. "We just have to accept it and we'll go to Manchester City and do our very best because it's important to this club to do it the right way. "We'll do it the right way. We made a case to the Premier League, it was refused, but we get on with it. There will be no complaints from us. "But, it's a rant all the time now. He has abused Barcelona in the past, a Swedish referee [Anders Frisk], he put the German referee [Markus Merk] under pressure the other night, he insulted Liverpool - a club with great history - and said they were going to hunt down Didier Drogba to get him booked."

Source: ESA