Fergie endorses Eduardo ban

04 September 2009 03:57
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has endorsed UEFA's decision to ban Arsenal striker Eduardo for diving. The Croatia international has been handed a controversial two-match suspension after being found guilty of diving to win a penalty during a Champions League play-off victory over Celtic last month. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has described the governing body's probe as a "witch-hunt" while the Gunners have appealed the ban after calling UEFA's judgement "deeply flawed". However speaking at a UEFA Elite Club Coaches Forum in Switzerland, Ferguson has backed the ban after claiming that something needs to be done to rid the game of simulation. "Quite rightly something should be done. You hope that message gets across," he said. However, Ferguson has admitted that he can empathise with Wenger and the way his adversary has dealt with the whole affair. He added: "I agree with Arsene, I would ask the same question 'is it going to happen to everyone?' "You become insular and protective of your own player and own team, we're all selfish that way. "I would have been saying 'what about all the rest of the players?'. "But I wouldn't have been pleased if my player had done that. "I wouldn't say it publicly though, because when you do that you're in danger of losing the morale of the dressing room. "Privately, as I've done many times, you have a different view, but I wouldn't do it publicly."

Source: ESA