Fergie defends his record

03 November 2006 03:10
Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has hit out at his critics who think it is time he retired from the game. The veteran Scottish manager celebrates 20 years in charge at Old Trafford on Monday and has no immediate plans to quit. Ferguson had initially planned to retire four years ago before making a dramatic U-turn and his current United side currently sits proudly at the top of the Premiership table. He remains prickly when asked about his future plans though, insisting "It's scandalous some people think I should retire. It's none of their business. Some people in this country don't want to work, so I don't think you should decry anyone who wants to. It disgusts me that people think that way. It shouldn't be allowed. "Legislation on retirement is changing in this country, which is right. There are no retirement age laws in the USA. You have to look at each individual separately. If they're fit enough to continue what they do, they should be allowed to. "For instance, referees in this country have to retire at 48 when some of them are as fit as fiddles." Ferguson is pleased with his record as United manager though. He has won eight Premiership titles, five FA Cups and a Champions League during his time at Old Trafford and added: "You're going to be judged by trophies, there's no doubt about that. "If you don't win, you're not going to be here for 20 years. I'm proud of what we've achieved here. It has been an incredible spell and hopefully we'll win more things at this club. "But I also feel the way we've done it has been good. It has been the right way, the Manchester United way. We've not changed in that respect. Sometimes we get carried away with our attacking instincts but you may as well die in a glorious way than not."

Source: ESA