Fergie considers bowing out

03 June 2008 09:08
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that he may end his illustrious reign at Old Trafford in two years' time. The 66-year-old Scotsman had previously stated that he would call time in 2011, but he is considering pushing that date forward by 12 months. He told Sky Sports: "I'll carry on for no more than three years, maybe two more. I have to respect my wife because she is a not football fan, she's an Alex Ferguson fan. "At that point I wouldn't have an interest in how it was run. No, it would be the manager's domain. "People say that if you are about the place, you are in the road and I don't want that, the field will be left clear. "I'll keep the enthusiasm up long past 70, whether I'll still be doing the football, I'm not so sure about that. "Anyway, I deserve a rest. After you've done 21 years, or 23 after a couple more seasons, you need one." Meanwhile, Ferguson has also reiterated his belief that Cristiano Ronaldo will stay with United this summer, despite continued interest from Real Madrid. He told The Sun: "I am more than confident Cristiano will be with us next year. The Glazer family will not be messed about in this situation. "We want Cristiano to stay for a long, long time. He is on a fantastic contract and quite rightly so, he's the best player in the world."

Source: ESA

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