Fergie admits the end is near

07 March 2009 11:48
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that the prospect of retirement fills him with fear. The 67-year-old announced his intention to retire at the end of the 2001-02 season before changing his mind, but concedes that he is finally close to calling it a day. He told L'Equipe Magazine: "When I reached 60, I asked myself the question. I almost left. "But I quickly realised, with my family, that it was a mistake. Today, I fear the idea of retiring. "I have been on the train for so long that when I get off I fear my system will collapse. I have decided not to ask myself the question any more. "Three things can make me stop, my health, if I don't take pleasure from it any more and if I don't have the strength for new challenges any more. "Each summer, I have a look at those three things. I go to my doctor first. I had a pacemaker set up four or five years ago. "Today, I'm playing the penalty shoot-out of my managerial career. I know that. The rest is decided between me and me. "I see my doctor every summer. He says 'boss, you're 67. You'll have more and more back pains. Getting up in the morning sometimes won't be easy'."

Source: ESA