Charlton: Fergie to spend well

19 June 2009 08:13
Sir Bobby Charlton has backed Sir Alex Ferguson to find the right replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo in his Manchester United squad. Ronaldo is set to join Real Madrid in a world record £80million transfer and his impending move away from Old Trafford has led to a wave of speculation concerning who will replace him. "He (Ferguson) is a great judge of a player, he's very brave with his decisions, he's very decisive with his decisions and that's why he's been a great success," said club director Charlton. "Who the players will be I don't know, but they will be worthy of putting on the shirt for Manchester United. "It's a lot of money, but it's a little bit soul-searching. You never know if you've made the right decision until the start of the season. "It's an enormous amount. We will make sure we will use it properly and our club will be better for it." Meanwhile, Charlton believes Ronaldo may look back with regret on his decision to leave Old Trafford and a title-winning squad this particular summer. "He's been with us for five or six years and in that time he has improved beyond all recognition," added Charlton. "I suppose, in time, he will reflect and say that the best time he ever had in football was when he was at Manchester United. It was better for him and it was fantastic for the club. "But we have no divine rights, we talked him out of it for one year but he's gone and we move on. Ronaldo leaves us because as a young boy he always dreamt about playing for Real Madrid, so if he leaves us, it's with our blessing."

Source: ESA