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Van Persie To Face Balotelli One More Time

05 Feb 2013 19:14:14

Van Persie To Face Balotelli One More Time

Robin van Persie says Mario Balotelli is a 'nice guy' and insists the public perception of the Italian is completely wrong.

Van Persie will have the opportunity to play against him once again on Wednesday as the Netherlands host Italy in a friendly.

Robin van Persie: "I have always been a fan of Balotelli.

"He is quick, strong and is courageous.

"He has all the qualities a striker needs to succeed at the highest level.

"And he really is a nice guy as well. We spoke to each other every now and then when he still played at Manchester City.

"You have people who initially look like nice guys, but turn out to be different in the end.

"Balotelli is the exact opposite. He might not look like a nice lad, but he definitely is."


Source: Manchester City MAD


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