Robinho: No Bellamy problem

01 March 2009 12:52
Manchester City's Robinho claims there is no problem between himself and strike partner Craig Bellamy. The £30million Brazilian was reported to be unhappy after a dressing room spat between the pair following last month's 2-0 defeat to Portsmouth. But although admitting he was surprised by Bellamy's outburst, he insists there is no problem between the pair. "I don't like to air things that happened in the dressing room but it really wasn't anything," Robinho told The People. "In every dressing room in the world players say things to each other after a defeat and then it gets forgotten. "Bellamy said that I had not passed to him a couple of times when he was in a better position, but every player has to decide in the moment. "Bellamy shouts a lot and is hot-blooded but so am I. After a defeat I get very upset. I'm happy for team-mates to say what they want to me. "The coach spoke with us and everything is sorted out. In the City dressing room we get on okay."

Source: ESA