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Nasri - Welcome To The rd Edition Of Man City

28 Nov 2013 00:09:36

Nasri - Welcome To The rd Edition Of Man City

Samir Nasri claims the team have no intention of easing up following Sunday's 6-0 thrashing of Tottenham.

Samir Nasri: "We are all in a good mood and we want to be top of the group.

"We know that is really important for the knockout stages to be first, even though we have already qualified.

"At home we are one of the best in Europe. It is not just against Tottenham, we had good performances against CSKA (Moscow), Man Utd and Norwich.

"It's really good what we are doing at home, but now we have to copy it away from home.

"I think we have improved as a team and have more experience in the Champions League.

"The last two years were the first two editions for Man City. You cannot buy experience. We are better as a team."

Source: Manchester City MAD


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