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Martinez 'We Always Carried A Threat'

07 Oct 2013 17:57:27

Martinez 'We Always Carried A Threat'

Everton boss Roberto Martinez was unhappy with the performance of referee Jon Moss, who awarded City a second-half penalty but turned down Lukaku's appeal in the first half.

Roberto Martinez: "We haven't been lucky at all.

"We've had a few incidents that could have gone our way and at the moment they're not going our way.

"They always say that balances out over the course of the season. We'll see.

"We always carried a threat. We had a few opportunities where we were a little bit loose with our ball retention, which is very uncharacteristic of ourselves.

"I do think we lost concentration a little bit and that affected us too much.

"When you get into a game and you want to be perfect in what you're doing and then all of a sudden the decisions seem to go away from you, you get a little bit frustrated."

Source: Manchester City MAD


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