Hughes returns fire at critics

24 February 2009 11:29
Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has hit out at the level of criticism aimed at his club following their takeover by the Abu Dhabi United Group last year. Hughes believes his side are coming under fire because expect far too much from them in too short a space of time. He told the Manchester Evening News: "People have to see some of the stories about us for what they are. There are people out there, for whatever reason, with an agenda. "The amount of negativity written about us is almost unbelievable. I have never known anything like it. But the only way we will turn that around is by having positive performances and positive results. "That's what we had at Anfield on Sunday, but we must keep it going because there are people out there who want us to fail. "People, I think, expected us to be challenging almost immediately, but that was an impossibility. "We are trying to impose a new culture right through the club and if you look at all the teams in and around the top six or seven, they have been together for a substantial amount of time and we are still very early in our development. "We recognise that, but maybe some people don't, or don't want to recognise it. They don't want to give us any credit and we understand that there are people out there who don't particularly want us to be successful in the future. "We have just got to be strong and take any valid criticism that comes our way in our stride. All the other rubbish that is written or broadcast we can ignore."

Source: ESA