Hughes fires back at critics

03 August 2009 08:48
Manager Mark Hughes has hit back at a number of Premier League managers who have slammed the conduct of Manchester City in their pursuit of transfer targets. Hughes feels that some bosses feel the need to seek publicity as they were never top-class players earlier on in their careers. He told reporters: "I have never had to court publicity myself because I played for top clubs. "I was reticent to say too much at all when I was playing. The truth is I never had to, because my performances generated headlines anyway. I was good at what I did and that was enough. "That has been my way for 45 years, so I don't think I will suddenly become one for mind games. "But other managers feel that their profile has been raised and they have to do that. Maybe it is because they have not played at a certain level. "I'm aware managers are saying things about us at the moment, but I see that as trying to ease pressure on themselves - that is predictable."

Source: ESA