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Fergie Puts Pressure On Refs? NEVER!

23 Jan 2013 12:34:32

Fergie Puts Pressure On Refs? NEVER!

Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez has reiterated his 2009 claim that Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson puts undue pressure on match officials.

Rafael Benitez: "I always try to concentrate on my job, but at that time with Ferguson I was defending my club.

"I could see what was happening from my point of view, and maybe now a lot of people are seeing the same things. I will not talk too much about that because it's obvious.

"It's a question for the FA what they do about it.

"What I said at that time was what I thought, and what I'm seeing now is similar.

"It depends on the FA. I don't know what they will do - it depends on them. At this moment in time I have enough things to do here, so I want to concentrate on my job."


Source: Manchester City MAD


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