Abuse stuns hobbling Bellamy

06 August 2009 12:43
Manchester City striker Craig Bellamy has expressed disappointment at the abuse he was subjected to in the pre-season friendly clash with Rangers. The Wales international had a brief spell with the Gers' bitter Glasgow rivals Celtic in 2005 but Bellamy says he was still surprised by the vitriol that was directed towards him in City's 3-2 defeat at Ibrox. He said: "I expected to get stick from the Rangers fans but it was a little bit more than the stuff I get elsewhere. Some of the stuff they said was a little bit different. "I've played for a few clubs in my career and in a few derby matches, but the rivalry between the Old Firm is the most intense I've ever experienced. "But, having said that, you don't need a player trying to effing hit you, if you know what I mean. That's the reason I'm hobbling around on flip-flops now. "I'm not going to mention the guy's name. I'm not even bothered about him. He got an extra cheer from the crowd for it, didn't he, so obviously he felt it was worth his while. "My foot obviously isn't the greatest at the moment after what happened last night, but I'm going to have some treatment on it and hopefully it should be okay."

Source: ESA