Zola - Tevez saga almost over

14 March 2009 01:53
Gianfranco Zola expects West Ham and Sheffield United to reach a final settlement over the Carlos Tevez affair in the near future.[LNB] Tevez was in inspirational form for the Hammers in 2007 as they avoided relegation from the Premier League and Sheffield United went down after a dramatic last day.[LNB]The Blades were furious with the outcome, claiming the Argentine should have been ineligible to play because of a third-party ownership row.[LNB]The saga has been rumbling on for almost two years, with Sheffield United initially lodging a claim for as much as £45million - the figure they estimated as the true cost of relegation.[LNB]West Ham rated the loss at no more than £5million but an independent Football Association tribunal last year agreed with the South Yorkshire club's claims.[LNB]It appears a settlement of around £10million - spread over a period of five years - has now been struck and Hammers manager Zola is pleased that the end is in sight.[LNB]ConfidentThe Italian said: "I hope it will be resolved soon and I am confident it will be.[LNB]"It's looking good at the moment and it would be a good thing for the club - because then we can sit down and plan for the future, knowing exactly where we are and what we are dealing with.[LNB]"I believe they are trying to find an agreement, and I hope they do that as soon as possible. That would give us a clear picture for the future, and we can sit down and plan."[LNB]Zola insists that he has no problems getting on with his job despite constant speculation about the Tevez issue and the financial state of the club.[LNB]He explained: "I personally have to focus on the work on the pitch. That is why the club employed me.[LNB]"I'm 100 per cent focused on my job. It is my responsibility to make sure things on the pitch work well. If I can do that I can be helpful to the club.[LNB]"This is the world of football. I know it is not just about kicking the ball for us right now; it is dealing with other things. But whatever the worry, I know I can switch on to the football and not let other things get in the way."[LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports