Where Next for United? Thursday Night, Channel 5 without Moyes?

17 March 2014 10:29

The league table never lies – yesterday’s United v Liverpool Barclays Premier League match reinforced the point that there is now a huge gulf in class between the current top 4 and the rest.

United were lucky to escape with only a 0-3 battering, being out-played in every Department. The shape of the team simply looked wrong. How can there be no chemistry between Mata, Rooney and RVP?

Why did United look lop-sided with an isolated Januzaj and no-one on the right except Rafael? A back four with no pace and error prone. Midfield with no power or penetration. Fellani looking every bit a total mis-fit.

So what’s the answer?

Firstly, United fans should be relieved that next season the Europa League will be a less embarrassing way of still playing European football. At least this will mean some chance of attracting top quality talent on a promise of the season after next being UCL.

Second, buy a midfield player with true leadership qualities. At the moment, United look clueless and leaderless – what would United give for a Roy Keane type midfielder?

Lastly, a club like United need a proven world-class, international manager – particularly someone who isn't going to make the tactical howlers witnessed against Fulham, Olympiakos and Liverpool. The manager needs to quickly make changes when things are clearly not working - 30 minutes before a first United attempt on goal yesterday should have had the alarm bells, and changes, ringing.

Before United ‘spend very big’ in the summer, their first signing needs to be a proven international manager. Sorry to say it but David Moyes days are now surely numbered.

Source: DSG