Whatever happened to loyalty?

06 September 2012 12:01

How long is it going to take for ambitious (desperate) club owners to realise that success, irrespective of how much money is thrown into the mix, does not happen overnight?

It amazes me that clubs and their benefactors with a long-term vision make such short-term, knee-jerk decisions.

Here we are, just a few games into the new season, and the sceptics are already talking about managers being UNDER PRESSURE.

Brendan Rodgers.Andre Villas-Boas Paul Lambert .et al. It’s ridiculous to think their positions should be in jeopardy at this early stage.

Chopping and changing your manager every season, every few months even, is not always the answer.

A classic case in point can be summed up in three words – Sir Alex Ferguson.

If you remember, many years ago, the Manchester United manager (long before he became a Sir) was the man under pressure.

One game away from the sack, we were led to believe. Enter Mark Robins.

A late winner in a league cup tie at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground provided a stay of execution for the man who went on to become a legend.

Take a journey south and a similar story unfolded at Highbury – later the Emirates – where Arsene Wenger has established a football dynasty of its own.

Okay, so trophies have been in short supply in recent years, but Arsene, like Sir Alex, is an immovable force.

Continuity is the key. Take a leaf from the master’s book!

Source: DSG