What to do with Wayne Rooney

27 April 2013 04:58
There is no Doubt that Wayne Rooney is a really good Footballer. There is no doubt that he played a big part in helping Manchester United win many a trophy.

With the addition of Robin Van Persie this season, where will Rooney fit in with the likes of Welbeck, Hernandez and the possibility of adding one Robert Lewandowski. The current experiment is to have him play a central midfielder role. Though he is up to the task, he will have to spend this summer working on his positioning and defence. This is evident in that Ferguson continues to sub him on a regular basis, which was unheard of in years past. Right now Ferguson does not seem to have much trust in him near the end of the match.

With all the love that is being thrown Michael Carrick’s way lately and with Tom Cleverly starting to mature, where again does this leave Rooney?

Though it is true that Carrick is having a fantastic season, I also remember him having a great season a few years back and then disappearing for about 18 months. Only time will tell if Carrick can continue at his current pace. As for Cleverly, the jury is still out, he has great possibilities but can he handle the week in and week out of the BPL?

I don’t see Rooney leaving United but I also don’t see him spending much time on the beach. It looks like his striker days are over at United; let’s hope he finds a home in the midfield.

Source: DSG