Wayne Rooney's Manchester United future: the best quotes of the week

22 October 2010 10:46
"I met with David Gill last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad. I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract."Wayne Rooney starts the ball rolling on Wednesday .

. as Sir Alex Ferguson responds "I couldn't believe it. I just was dumbfounded. I could not understand it because only months before he was saying he was at the greatest club in the world and he wanted to stay for life."

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"Players have opinions and if they want to leave then good luck to them. Man Utd will more than survive. If I could say one thing to Wayne, who is a good lad, I would say 'look after yourself'. Players are likes pieces of meat."Roy Keane, Ipswich coach

"He's very, very interested, yeah, so watch this space. Or listen to this space, depends on how it's going, but I sold Perth to him and told him what a lovely place it is." Perth Glory's Robbie Fowler jests that Rooney is on the move

. as Perth coach Ian Ferguson continues the joke "I just want to announce our new signing here. We just got him for 45 trillion," said Ferguson, wearing a Rooney mask at their Friday press conference.

"If Alex Ferguson is being bullied by a player and his agent, how wrong is the game? When are you (FIFA and UEFA) going to listen to the people who are involved in the game?"Ian Holloway, Blackpool coach

"Rooney is a good player, and is like Carlos Tévez for us. If they lose him for next year, they will lose an important player."Roberto Mancini, Manchester City coach

"We've got a great squad of players and he would add to that and strengthen the squad. He is the best player in the world for me."John Terry, Chelsea captain

"If one player in the team doesn't trust the others he should not play in the team."Patrice Evra, Manchester United left-back

Source: Telegraph