Wayne Rooney to PSG, Hernandez to Atletico, Radamel Falcao to United. Really?

12 April 2013 02:17

It’s getting to silly season time, so every seemingly outlandish transfer story that looks like the figment of a bored journo’s overactive imagination, may be just that. The first time I heard talk of this triumvirate of moves, that was precisely my feeling, but the rumours don’t seem to be going away. Was I perhaps a little too dismissive?

The theory goes like this – for the record, please remember, this isn’t my theory! Anyway, here we go. Ferguson’s a bit disheartened with Rooney, and now he has uber professional van Persie, plus the rapidly maturing Wellbeck and Hernandez, he feels that the club no longer has to bend over backwards to keep the ‘star player.’ Perhaps figures the Scot, it’s time to cash in his Rooney chips. Now, if this is the case, he certainly wouldn’t want to sell him to another Premier League club – and certainly not the noisy neighbours. If City secured a deal like that, the fuss and palaver kicked up would make whole Tevez ‘Welcome to Manchester’ fanfare look subdued in comparison. So, abroad would probably be the key; perhaps at a different club with the petro-dollars to pay out the chunks of transfer wedge and salary to see the deal through. PSG fit nicely, I guess. Would Rooney go? Perhaps not the most cosmopolitan of chaps, but Paris isn’t a million miles from home, and a season or two of French leave may well be attractive. Personally, I’m not convinced, but let’s press on and see where it takes us.

So, if you’re with it so far, read on. The next chapter is that there’ll be a rather large amount of cash – let’s say in the order of £50million - coming into Old Trafford. Whilst the Glazers will  want to use some of it to assuage the debts to the various banks, there’ll be a few coppers left for Fergie to reinvest. Now, although United fans would love to laud the legend that the club only buy youngsters that they can shape and develop, rather than fully formed players, that’s not always the case. van Persie, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, amongst the current first teamers illustrate that the club isn’t shy in laying out the big bucks when required. So, let’s say Fergie’s got £30million in his sky rocket, put a player with that and you can probably price away a superstar.

You’re getting ahead of me now aren’t you? The Scot rings up Atletico and says that he’ll give said brass, plus the Hernandex in trade for Falcao. Atletico don’t really want to sell – and certainly not to Real Madrid, which keeps popping up in Spanish transfer gossip, but taking the money and Hernandez may just look like something they could handle. The money is certainly going to come in handy, and the little Mexican may just be the type of player that would make Falcao’s loss palatable to their fans. For Hernandez, it’s a chance for regular first team football in a Spanish-speaking environment at a decent club in a top European city, and Falcao will be at one of Europe’s elite clubs ready to start collecting medals in the biggest club competitions.

So, there you have it. Are you any more convinced? I’m not sure I am, but there’s certainly a thread of logic running through it, and if Fergie is of a mind to move Wayne on, who knows, what seemed like a crazy thought, may just become a reality.

Source: DSG