Wayne Rooney death threats sprayed onto Manchester United poster

22 October 2010 11:47
Written in red paint, the graffiti on Market Street read: "Join City and you're dead". Last night, Cheshire Police were called to Rooney's house to clear a mob of 30 men wearing balaclavas and hoods.

Derogatory banners and chants were directed at Rooney during Wednesday's Champions League clash with Bursaspor at Old Trafford, but the animosity reached new depths on Thursday night with the disturbance outside Rooney's family home. Eight officers arrived on the scene to clear the disturbance, which Cheshire police have confirmed cleared peacefully with no arrests made.

With no statement coming from United after a day of talks yesterday, it now appears that no decision will be made on Rooney's future before the game against Stoke City on Sunday, with Sir Alex Ferguson determined to avoid a 'saga'. That particular horse appears to have bolted however, and two of Rooney's senior team-mates have already expressed their frustration at Rooney's stance.

Defender Patrice Evra led the attack on Rooney by insisting that there is no place at United for players who do not trust their team-mates.

He said: 'If one player in the team doesn't trust the others he should not play in the team. I'm not at that point because I trust everyone and I know we can win. I've been here for four years and every season, until last year, I have won the league. That hurt because this is Manchester United and we must win trophies.

'That is the pressure of playing here, so if a player is not happy with that pressure he should go. No team is better than us at the moment. Manchester United belong at the top and I'm confident we can do that.'

Captain Nemanja Vidic added: "When rumours are going around talking about the bad performances or something happening around the club and the Glazers, it is not good for the players and not good for the team.'

Rooney's aspersions that United no longer match his ambition were rejected by midfielder Darren Fletcher, a close friend, who claimed that the club remains at the forefront of the chase for honours.

'That [lack of ambition] is his opinion, but I believe the players in the dressing room are good enough to take us forward," said Fletcher.

'I watch them in training every day and we have got some young, exciting players. When someone leaves, someone always steps up to the mark. This is still the biggest club. What makes big clubs is history. Clubs can have money but this club's history drives it forward."

Source: Telegraph