Vidal: A perfect fit for Manchester United

31 July 2014 03:59

Manchester United had a lot of troubles and gaps of performance last season. Among all, probably the biggest gap was the one of the central midfielder to play along with Michael Carrick. Tom Cleverley, Merouanne Fellaini and Ryan Giggs played in that position, and only this last one got to perform in the level that United requires. Giggs presence was an absolute essential in United season (not a one that Moyes had advertised), and when he was not on the field, nor Cleverley neither Fellaini could cope with the performance required for that key position.

Not considered a bad player, Cleverley didn’t have the regularity to prove his worth to the team, and his lack of daring to face the opposition’s goal summed to his moderate roll on the marking, allow me to conclude that his average performance never got to be enough for the challenge. Fellaini, on the other hand, is clearly not as good a central midfielder as an attacking midfielder, his main strengths are his mobility, his holding of the ball, and his shooting (both, by head or by foot), but he doesn’t have the quality of passing or the strength on the mark to be placed as a central midfielder.

Instead, Vidal appears as completely able to balance a roll between tight and disciplined marking, great passing and excellent shooting. He has an enormous quality, and United would be the perfect place to let the world know about it.

Source: DSG