van der Sar Has No Retirement Plans

01 September 2010 06:10
Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar says that he has no plans of quitting just yet even though he will be 40 in October. Despite his age, the Dutchman shows no sign of slowing down and hopes to keep he number one spot at Old Trafford for a year or two yet. Van der Sar has been with United since 2005 and although time will eventually catch up with him, he feels fit enough to carry on. He said: "I don't worry about when that day arrives. I am now exceeding my own expectations so it doesn't bother me."When I was younger I thought maybe I would finish in my mid-30s. But that is a normal time to be thinking about it when you are younger and for players at this level."That would have been the obvious time to finish, but I only came to United late in my career and maybe that is why I am still enjoying it."Coming to Old Trafford probably gave me a new lease of life."