Valencia seeks title compensation

24 April 2011 08:30

Antonio Valencia has set his sights on becoming a Premier League champion to erase the memory of the horror injury he sustained on Manchester United duty earlier this season.

Valencia spent six months on the sidelines after dislocating his ankle in the Champions League encounter with Rangers at Old Trafford. It was feared the former Wigan winger would be out for the rest of the season, however, by following medical advice, Valencia was able to return in the middle of last month.

"It would be brilliant to win the league," he told United Review. "On a personal level, to lift the title for the first time would be the perfect way for me to cap my recovery from injury."

He added: "It is something I have set my sights on."

Valencia is still three games short of making the 10 appearances needed to qualify for a medal automatically.

As United are currently combining their title quest with trying to reach the Champions League final, it is not certain Valencia will reach that number.

However, given the length of his absence, the Premier League would almost certainly sanction a medal being awarded to the Ecuador star.

"All injuries make you feel a little bit down at first, but I had the support of so many people it was easy to keep my spirits up," he said.

"My comeback has gone pretty well considering how bad the injury was.

"But I still need to work on a few areas before I am back to how I was before."

Source: PA