United Want Rooney out Here's why

17 July 2013 08:42
Rooney get's the biggest pay check at Old Trafford BUT does not serve up the biggest performances. Nor has he done so for a while now. Rooney has been left angry and confused.  David Moyes openly stated that he was important back-up for Robin Van Persie.  Ed Woodward, the Manchester United Chief Executive, intimated that there would be NO renewals discussed, with United preferring to monitor Rooney’s progress over the first few weeks of the new season.

Rooney, though, lest we forget has been sulking openly since April.  This season (just gone) has been an experience where reality has hit. Van Persie has exploded on to the scene and nailed himself down as the No. 1 striker.

Van Persie’s form has been the death knell for Rooney’s happiness at Old Trafford. Rooney has watched on last season as Van Persie took all the plaudits, and he played a secondary role to the Dutchmans brilliance. (see article’s “Would The Real Wayne Rooney please Stand Up” or “Rooney no longer The Apex Predator”). 

So, deep down inside himself, Rooney has had a gradual dose of reality dawn on him - that HE is no longer the Top Dog at Old Trafford. 

Ed Woodward and David Moyes have confirmed this week (IN PUBLIC) what Rooney has suspected himself since the latter part of the 2012/13 season.  Basically, they’ve been questioning (out loud) if Wayne still merits the astronomical wage he’s on. 

I, as a fan, certainly do not think he does.  Here’s why:

If a company makes a loss, then a CEO or CFO will lose his job OR be demoted. If a Politician makes a wrong turn, then he/she is voted out of Parliament. If you don’t turn up for work, or only are going through the motions when you do, then if it’s often enough, you are susceptible to losing your job or getting a pay downgrade to reflect the inferior quality/quantity of work that you now do. Sometimes, we lose our jobs even when it is not our fault. Basically, the thrust of this is that: WE ARE ALL ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT WE DO ~ WHY DOES ROONEY THINK HE’S NOT?? Rooney get’s the biggest pay check at Old Trafford BUT does not serve up the biggest performances.  Nor has he done so for a while now. Mediocre at best (apart from the lofted ball to RVP for THAT volley against Villa). Mediocre performance = Mediocre pay. Exceptional performance = Exceptional pay.  THATS THE RULE OF THE WORLD.  Does Rooney think he is not subject to the same rules as the rest of us?? United are a performance based club.  THEY PAY WAGES COMMENSURATE WITH LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE. So, when performance levels drop, then it is logical and fair that they try to manage those performances.  Thus, individual performances come under scrutiny. If you can’t be motivated on £250,000 per week, at one of the top clubs in the world ~ then the fault is within yourself Wayne.  Stop looking for people to blame in your environment. Recently, a United fitness coach said that although Rooney had the potential to be an exceptional athlete, HE JUST WOULDN’T DO THE GYM WORK PRESCRIBED. Whereas Cristiano Ronaldo did everything that was prescribed AND MORE.  We, as fans can see the difference! David Moyes is not a silly man who does not plan out the consequences of his actions.  He knows that by saying what he did, he will hurt Rooney.  He knows that there are two possible reactions from Wayne:

It will motivate him, and once again be VALUE for the money that United pay him. Or Wayne will decide to leave.  So Wayne will ask for a transfer. Thus absolving United of having to pay out the rest of his mammoth contract.   The author believes that David Moyes, by initially & categorically declaring that Rooney was not for sale was saying that United would not be putting him up for sale (thus not being liable for the remainder of his contract).

Then, by saying that he was playing second fiddle to Van Persie, was inviting Wayne to ask for a transfer. One thinks that United have realised they have seen the best years of Rooney and he is now in decline. Much like when Ferguson got rid of Ince, Hughes and Kanchelskis. They never reached the level of football again that they had performed with at United.  Likewise, with Rooney.

Also, remember that Alex Ferguson declared that Rooney had asked for a transfer (when Rooney said he hadn’t!) almost seems like United were trying to make Rooney play their ball game and co-erce him into asking for a transfer.

United want Rooney out, and the strategy of the last month has been to get him out on their terms. 

Bye bye Wayne Rooney, you have been great, but your card is marked!

Source: United Mad