United rebuff PSG for Januzaj and build or the future

28 January 2014 09:36

Manchester United have turned down what has been described as a 'significant offer' for Adnan Januzaj from mega-rich French club Paris St-Germain.

The success and even bigger potential of the eighteen year old is no secret and with Manchester United currently struggling in the Premier League, it's not surprising that PSG fuelled with oil money decided to try their luck with a bid.

in what has been a difficult season so far, Januzaj has been a beacon of hope for the future for the Old Trafford faithful and PSG's punt was always doomed to failure. David Moyes' acquisistion of Juan Mata from Chelsea has sent a positive signal to the rest of the league that United are determined to regain their premier position in English football, and turning away a bucketful of euros from PSG will merely underscore that the club is building for the future.

januzaj remains one of the hottest prospects in the Premier League, and United will be determined to ensure that when his potential develop, it will be in a United red shirt.

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Source: DSG