United Get Turkish Welcome

20 November 2012 01:39
News coming out of Turkey says that police have had to use pepper spray to move on hundreds of Galatasaray fans who gathered at Istanbul's main airport to 'welcome' Manchester United players on their arrival.

The Dogan news agency said there was flares lit and damage done to the Ataturk Airport's arrival terminal late on Monday.

Hundreds of Galatasaray supporters chanted about Leeds United fans that had two supporters fatally stabbed before a game there in 2000.

The United party were taken through an alternative exit to avoid the gathering and were not exposed to the unrest.

Dogan agency video footage showed fans singing Galatasaray chants inside a building and a club official urging calm, there were also busloads of supporters turned away at the airport entrance.

When asked about the incident, Alex Ferguson told reporters: “Yes, absolutely. We dodged it, we came underground!

“We didn’t get the meeting from the fans this time, but in 1993 it was incredible and quite frightening. We have been here a few times now, though, and are now used to the Turkish atmosphere. It is fanatical, but it is no issue for us.”

Source: United Mad