United Chief waits on THE SIGNING of the Summer

19 July 2013 08:08
This is massive, believe it, it is massive!

Tellingly, Barcelona have not told United to go home after their opening gambit of £26M for Cesc Fabregas.

Reports say that United have upped their bid into the region of £30M to £31M.

Cesc did not want to leave Barcelona, but now that he knows they are entertaining offers from Manchester United, that has swung the wooing process in Uniteds favour.

This is allied to the admiration he has for United that is on record since 2009, when he spoke glowingly of the club to a Sunday Newspaper publication.

David Moyes was honest and candid about uniteds pursuit Fabregas and was asked if he had received any official contact back from Barcelona, Moyes said: "I couldn’t tell you exactly. I’m in contact with the executive vice chairman [Ed Woodward], who has been dealing with it just now.

"I'll hopefully know a little more in the next day or so. It’s the middle of the night back in England right now so I may have a bit more information in the next day or so about how it's going.

"We're trying very hard to make some additions to the squad and hopefully there'll be some good news in the not too distant future."

Fabregas's creativity is set to elevate United quality to another level. He will be the central cog in United's defence of the title, finally giving United the quality in midfield that they have been so desperately missing despite their Title win last season.

Source: United Mad