United, Chelsea? Where next for Cristiano Ronaldo

06 May 2013 10:08

Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the best active football player after Lionel Messi, is the cause of hot rumours in the football transfer market and speculations are running wild as to where he might finally play next season. Rumour or not, one thing can be said for sure – the club where he ends up come summer would surely not only benefit from his freakishly awesome football skills and his popularity around the planet but would also be parting with a chunk (and it will be a lot!) of money from its coffers. There are also rumours flying around that Ronaldo is not content with his stay in Real Madrid and this definitely spices up the prospect of a transfer in the summer. Let us take a look at some of his probable destinations and the reasons that would make that transition possible.


Ronaldo’s admiration of his former club and manager are well known and he has stated that Sir Alex is like a father figure to him. Reuniting with United would help him play alongside the best striker in the Premier League – Robin van Persie. The thought of such a combination is enough to send jitters to anyone with the prospect of match against the red devils. If Ronaldo really wants a move to United, his huge transfer clause could also be negotiated over and United could bring him in and instantly increase their already-existing ‘favourites’ tag by ten/twenty fold! But again, accommodating van Persie and Ronaldo on the pitch tactically could be a real challenge for Sir Alex as both players like to play as close to the goal as possible and rightly so.


The richest club in France, PSG are a work in progress and they brought in many star performers from around the globe to increase their stock and presence in Europe, the latest being David Beckham who still has it in him to influences games and goals. These significant signings at the club would surely help Ronaldo make a smooth transition from La Ligue to Ligue 1 and continue tasting success. Besides, the ultra rich Qatari owners of the club could offer Ronaldo an extremely attractive package and this, combined with the commercial value he might command in the French market, might help him retire as the richest footballer on the planet! But again, whether Ronaldo is willing to play in a less demanding and competitive league than La Liga is debatable and chances of this happening are rather slim.


Jose Mourinho’s potential return to the Blues (as pointed out by All Blue Daze) is an exciting prospect to the premier league and if Christiano chooses to follow him to Stamford Bridge, he could in an instant rejuvenate the Blues’ fortunes and make them the club to beat in the league. Chelsea could then ship

out the inconsistent Torres and the prospect of talent like David Luiz, Juan Mata and Eden Hazard playing alongside Ronaldo is enough to pick them as the firm favourites for a treble including Mourinho’s missing Champions League trophy with the club. And quite honestly, Roman does have the money to make all this possible!


If CR7 ends up going nowhere and staying back at the Santiago Bernabeu next season, it could be for a host of reasons. His contract obligations and Real Madrid’s unwillingness to let him go to another club could be the strongest reasons but the innate sense of dissatisfaction Ronaldo might have about incomplete achievements at Real Madrid could be another factor. It’s a fact that he has been the best player at the club since he joined them in 2009, he’s a firm fan favourite and has scored 199 goals so far, but he has only beaten Barcelona to the league title once, he has not won the Champions League with the club yet, he has always been in Lionel Messi’s shadow and has even lost the Ballon d’Or trophy to him repeatedly. All this could potentially leave a heavy sense of underachievement and surely, Ronaldo might want to set things straight before leaving? Messi might be playing on the best team on the planet but Ronaldo’s individual skills are surely on par with Messi.


Manchester City is a volatile club capable of buying any player available on the transfer market. Like PSG, City’s vastly wealthy Abu Dhabi based owners are dying to get one up over United every time they can and their failure this season to defend the League crown is surely not going to go down well with them. If they do indeed manage to convince Ronaldo to join them, it could be their biggest and best move ever. Ronaldo could receive the highest salary ever for a football player while also facing the wrath of United’s fans! On a practical note, whether Ronaldo would experience the same level of success at City is always debatable considering City’s inexplicable inconsistency.

My personal choice would be to see him stay back at Madrid and get the better of Messi at least once!

Source: DSG