Top 5 Premier League Celebrations 3: Eric Cantona

07 November 2012 09:22

Eric Cantona
21st December 1996
Old Trafford

A packed Old Trafford witnessed arguably one of the Premier league’s greatest goals when Eric Cantona chipped in his second of the game.

United were in cruise control as they lead the game 4-0, the ball was played into Cantona on the halfway line he turned several ways leaving the two players trailing ran towards an oncoming Sunderland player slipped the ball into Brian McClair who passed it back to Cantona who chipped Lionel Perez from the edge of the area.

In seconds you had witnessed one of the Premier league greats score another unbelievable goal topped with an incredible celebration.

His collar up, Cantona pushed out his chest and turned to his team-mates as if to say “I hope you’ve just seen what I’ve done there” a quite incredible goal which will be up there with the Dennis Bergkamp and Lionel Messi chips we’ve become accustomed to.

Source: DSG