Time for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney to Go

10 May 2013 09:10

Last summer when Manchester United brought in Robin Van Persie; this was Wayne Rooney’s first foot out the door. When Van Persie had such a great year and became the club darling; this became the other. Now that Sir Alex Ferguson has decided to retire, it looks like Rooney will be heading elsewhere to finish his football career.

United have many striker options currently on hand. With the addition of Wilfried Zaha soon to arrive from Crystal Palace, United’s future currently looks very bright. The money that United could bring in for Rooney’s transfer could also go a long way to bringing in the much sought after central midfielder.

Let’s face it, Rooney has not been happy for the last couple of years and was now twice, ask to be sold. Maybe it is time for United to cut their losses and allow Rooney to move on. Rooney has had a great career at United and is a big part of all the trophies that United have won over the last few years. The question is, does new Manager David Moyes, need this distraction while trying to integrate himself into the Manchester Untied system? We all know about Moyes suing Rooney and Associates over statements in Rooney Biographical book back in 2007. Are there still hard feelings here?

It is always sad to see one of your hero’s leave and move on to another club, but that is the state of football these days. Players do play for the badge when it suits them, but mainly they play for the money and their self serving glory.

If Rooney is sold this summer, it is because he wanted to be sold, not because United did not want him. Wherever he finds himself, we can only hope that he can somehow return to the player he was a few years back, and not the solemn, distracted player that he has become.

Source: DSG

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