Three years of Premier League assists visualized

By 31 July 2013 04:25

Football, the beautiful game. You might think it's all about scoring goals, but when it comes down to it assists are just as important. A team who lack that creative edge will ultimately lack goals and we all know what that means, no goals, no wins.

The data visualisation below shows three seasons-worth of data to analyse the hotspots where Premier League assists originate from. Using Opta data, Kickdex analysed the positions from which the creative forces in the game set up strikers (the data below excludes corners):

Assist source

Kickdex explains it's findings from the data

“It is clear that to rack up the assists, a direct style isn’t the way to go. Only 14% of all assists come from long balls, and 29% from crosses (many of which are also classified as long balls). Over two thirds of all assists are short, precision passes made from just in front of the box and wide within the box. “

Perhaps more interesting is the end point of these assists, although you may find the results a little predictable:

Assist target

[Kickdex via Gizmodo]


Source: DSG

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